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Château Pichon Longueville Comtesse De Lalande

The 4 seasons
of the 2021 vintage

Act 1

A Springtime of Disharmony

At the beginning of 2021, in the midst of a wet and mild winter, Pichon Comtesse was preparing to produce its very first organically produced vintage. Already the enthusiasm was palpable in the Château, with bud burst already underway in the vineyard at the end of March, albeit 5 days later than the previous Spring and vintage.


Could it be that a ” strange ” game was afoot with the weather?


A period of drought set in, in April and extended until the end of May. The phenological (bud) and photosynthesis (leaf) stages were out of sync. The vegetative development stalled so much that come flowering time, at the start of June, the leaf growth was minimal and some ‘coulure’ occurred on the more susceptible vines…

Act 2

A Summer of Adversity

In June, the sweet promise of fine weather was a real let-down!


After a fortnight of pretence, the temperatures went in reverse while the rainfall reached twice the normal level for the season. At the very sensitive stages of fruit set and berry growth, this abundant rainfall brought a threat of disease, particularly mildew, to the vines.


Parasite pressure was at its peak and from the end of the month, the damage was significant on the Merlot and then on the Cabernet to a lesser extent. A slightly cool month of July with several rainy spells required – once again – constant attention and effort at all times. August warmed up the vines slowly.
Was the end in sight?

Act 3

Autumn Holds its Breath

A slow veraison, at the beginning of August, confirmed a somewhat mixed message. The alert level for botrytis was now high. Nevertheless…  maintaining calm and conviction was finally the biggest challenge in these last moments of ripening. The harvest happened, it was tricky, picked with the perseverance of the whole team and aided by the superb terroir, between September 22nd and October 6th. The balance of this vintage is delicate. It will require a lot of attention, precision, finesse and generosity.


On the front line in the face of adversity, the Merlot is rigorously selected, in minute quantities. The Petit Verdot lacks the complexity and finesse sought after, while the Cabernet Franc is sleek and elegant. What can we say about the unflappable Cabernet-Sauvignon, except that it will be more than ever the bedrock of a mineral and heroic Pichon Comtesse 2021!

Act 4

Winter in the Cellar

The silky intensity and graceful nobility of the Cabernet-Sauvignon; the delicacy and freshness of the Merlot; the elegance of the Cabernet Franc; the charm and vigour of the Petit Verdot… The 2021 vintage of Pichon Comtesse is finally unveiled. The typical Pauillac nose blends bewitching floral notes, which are also on the palate. Unctuous, with well-coated tannins that give this wine a voluptuous body. Also noteworthy is the savoury, dynamic finish that characterises our wines.


Take notice…Pichon Comtesse 2021 brings together the wrath of heaven, the soul of the earth, the glory of the vine and the will of man!

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